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Freight Shipping Calculators


The Freight Rate Co. makes it easy to provide freight shipping rates instantly online. Our freight shipping calculators are designed for individuals and business looking for a quick and simple way of displaying shipping costs to customers. This free tool gives you the power of instant rating to your customers by simply pasting a few simple lines of code into your website.

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4 Easy Steps to Making a Calculator

1. Create an account or login if you have an account.
Creating an account is free. Once you have an account with us you can get free freight quotes, track your shipments, create shipping calculators & save your shipments all online 24/7/365.

2. On the myFRC homepage choose "Get your Calculator"
You can make as many calculators as you would like. You will have the ability to modify the calculator code from any aspect...even to support more than one item you are shipping.

3. Answer some questions and provide some information
Where are you shipping it from? What is the freight classification? How much does your shipment weigh? There are just a few examples of the questions. We also will give you a helping hand on certain items you may not know or understand.

4. Copy some code and paste it into your site...that's all!
You and your customers now can get easy and accurate freight quotes right from your website. From a simple copy and paste your customers can now get exact pricing on shipping.

Freight Shipping Calculator

Fill out the following information and press the red button for your rates.

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Rates are subject to change based on time of calculation and accuracy of data entered.
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